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March 05, 2013   Innovaya Visual Estimating Commercial Top Products Winner
Carol Stream, Ill. – March 05, 2013 – Constructech today announced the commercial winners of its 2013 Constructech Top Products awards. The Constructech Top Products honor technology solutions that have demonstrated outstanding innovation geared toward the commercial construction market. Innovaya's Visual Visual Estimating, a top 5D BIM Estimating solution is one of the winners in the Trusted Products category. “These 2013 commercial Top Products winners are solutions that can help bring IT strategy to fruition, taking a company to a whole new level...” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Constructech magazine.
March 3-6, 2013   Texas A&M University - Commerce 2nd BIM Symposium
2nd Annual BIM Symposium Texas 2013, Texas A&M University-Commerce. A group of major contractors serving the State of Texas and across the United States attended the BIM Symposium. Contractors such as Beck Group, Hensel Phelps, Hunt Construction, and Rogers-O'Brien Construction discussed and shared their stories of using various BIM technologies among which Innovaya 5D BIM Estimating software has been a key solution in the process. As a courtesy, Justin Nutt, Innovaya's BIM Specialist also presented Innovaya 5D BIM Estimating to students and faculty at Texas A&M University-Commerce. "We're happy to provide our cutting-edge BIM software and training for the construciton program students at the university and foster a future of BIM uers who will soon be joining the force of some leading builders in the country who are already using our technologies...", says Mr. Nutt.
October 3-6, 2011   Mortenson Construction Presented Successful Experience of Using Innovaya Visual Estimating
MC2 ICE CONFERENCE 2011, Harrah's Casino & Resort, Tunica, MS. Mortenson Construction, one of the largest general contractor and construction services company in the United States since 1954 presented successful user experiences of using Innovaya's award-winning 5D BIM-estimating software Visual Estimating for MC2 ICE. David Green, a Sr. Estimator at Mortenson presented a number of real-world multi-million dollar projects, in which Visual Estimating was used for quantity takeoff and estimating. Mr. Green demonstrated how he himself and other estimators at the firm performed efficient quantity takeoff from Autodesk Revit models through Innovaya Visual Estimating, and connected BIM elements to MC2 ICE estimate items with the capability of managing estimate changes using Innovaya's intelligent design change management functions. According to David, the use of Innovaya Visual Estimating dramatically increased the productivity in the estimating process and helped the estimators produce better estimates. One of the important gains was that Visual Estimating software actually helped the estimators find imperfections, errors, and issues in the BIM models. Mr. Green also discussed the learning curve his team went through with using Innovaya BIM software and positive experience working with Innovaya throughout the process.
Febuary 24, 2011   Constructech Magazine Names Innovaya's Visual 4D/5D BIM Software Suite a Commercial Top Products Winner
Carol Stream, Ill. – Feb. 24, 2011 – Constructech magazine today announced the commercial winners of its 2011 Constructech Top Products awards. Constructech’s 2011 Commercial Top Products winners are an example of the innovative solutions companies are bringing to the current construction marketplace. Innovaya's Visual 4D/5D BIM Construction Software is one of the winners in the Trusted Products category. “The latest data compiled from Constructech magazine shows that nearly 41% of construction companies believe there is real value in expanding IT efforts...” says Mike Carrozzo, chief editor, Constructech magazine. “The winners of the 2011 Constructech Top Products Awards can help companies to do just that. These products come from companies that offer tried-and-true solutions, but have also proven they are willing to continue making enhancements to meet the ever-changing needs of construction professionals.”
December 01, 2010   Innovaya discussed BIM for Construction at Autodesk University 2010
At Autodesk University 2011, December 01, 2010, Kevin Yu, President and Founder of Innovaya, presented "Aspects of Using Autodesk Revit for 4D and 5D BIM Construction". The presentation was given live through the Autodesk University Virtual Online and audience from the world had an opportunity to participate. During the presentation, Kevin discussed various detailed technial issues in Revit on how to make a model to be valid and userful for 4D scheduling and 5D estimating. Much of the information discussed can be, and has been, used as guidelines for BIM modeling in Revit, and has been proven to be extremely useful for Revit designers and constrution BIM managers in the process of model review for BIM construction purpose. The content of the presentation is based on the experience of Innovaya working with over 100 customers including designers, engineers, and construction managers and estimators using Revit as a BIM source. Some of the materials covered in this presentation is also provided during Innovaya BIM training and workshop for its customers. We want to particularly thank the following BIM experts and company for their direct input of their knowledge to this presentation:
- Jason Weddell at Beck Group
- Kirk Alloway at Hensel Phelps Construction
- BIM Managers and BIM Estimators at Lord, Aeck & Sargent Architecture
For details related to this presentation, please contact support@innovaya.com.
October 4-10, 2010   Hensel Phelps Construction Co. Showcased Success Stories of BIM-Estimating Using Innovaya Visual Estimating
MC2 ICE CONFERENCE 2010, Harrah's Casino & Resort, Tunica, MS. Hensel Phelps Construction Co., a top general contractor and construction manager in the United States since 1937 showcased success stories and user experiences using Innovaya's award-winning 5D BIM-estimating software Visual Estimating for MC2 ICE. Kirk Alloway, a Sr. Estimator and Division BIM Manager at Hensel Phelps presented a number of real-world multi-million dollar projects, in which Visual Estimating was used for quantity takeoff and BIM-estimating. Key features demonstrated include Innovaya's easy-to-use automatic quantity takeoff generation, robust design change management capabilities to manage quantity and estimates for multiple revisions of a project, as well as intelligent BIM object estimating takeoff directly to MC2 ICE with automatic sorting code assignments. These features, based on BIM intelligence, have been proven to immensely help the estimators produce estimates much faster and to control the estimating process in design change scenarios much easier. “As the construction industry evolves into a highly data rich environment, Innovaya Visual Estimating ensures that intelligence is captured especially when it effects your bottom line.”, said Thai Nguyen, Corporate BIM Manager, Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
August 19, 2010   Innovaya Wins 2010 Constructech Vision Award Gold
"Constructech magazine recognized the winners of the 2010 Vision Award this evening. Held at the conclusion of the fifth annual Technology Day conference, the awards were presented during a dinner and ceremony at the Hyatt Regency Woodfield Schaumburg hotel". Innovaya's award comes from the proficient use of Autodesk Revit, Innovaya Visual Estimating and Sage Timberline Estimating by Cannon Design, a major international design-build firm with multiple offices in US and internationally. Cannon Design has used Innovaya Visual Estimating software in its BIM-estimating process for a number of years, and it has gained extensive experience and benefits from it.
Febuary 26, 2010   Constructech Magazine Names Innovaya's Visual 4D/5D BIM Software Suite a Commercial Top Products Winner
Carol Stream, Ill. - Feb. 26, 2010 - Today, Constructech magazine announced the winning commercial products for its third-annual Constructech Top Products Awards. Winning products are selected by the Constructech editorial team, and are chosen for innovation and successful results in the marketplace. These products are selected based on the product's description, the overall usefulness and uniqueness of the product to the construction industry, and the customer growth rate for the particular product throughout the past few years. Providing solutions with a high rate of functionality, which increase efficiency, and have a competitive price point, is a must for technology providers serving the construction industry today. The Constructech Top Products provide a look at some of the companies that are living up to that expectation. "Construction professionals are looking for the solutions that can give them the most bang for their buck. They are looking to make their company better with the implementation of technology, as well as stay up with the latest trends in the construction industry," says Mike Carrozzo, chief editor of Constructech. "The technology firms with products meeting that demand may prove to be the most successful."
January 12, 2010   Dollars and Cents BIM: Tekla Corporation and Innovaya Integration Streamlines BIM-Based Quantity Take-Offs and Estimating
Tekla, Inc. and Innovaya, LLC. announce the release of InnovayaR Composer for Tekla Structures. As a result of connecting Tekla Building Information Models (BIM) directly to project estimates, construction professionals have the ability to develop dynamic project take-offs and estimates quickly and easily. "In today's environment, by using an automated and efficient estimating process we can easily iterate through more alternatives to find value. With more detail in the estimate, there are simply more places for us to look for savings. After we win the work, we react to changes in the estimate in a precise and automated fashion and avoid losses related to incomplete change orders," says Jason McFadden, Project Manager, Barton Malow Company. "We envision the estimator becoming a cost analyst limiting the tedious task of quantity take-offs." McFadden adds, "the use of Innovaya in our preconstruction department allows us to leverage relationships with A/E firms to better 'build' the model while streamlining our estimating efforts thus adding more value in the preconstruction phase of the project." Read full Press Release from Tekla website.
August 20, 2009   Innovaya Wins Constructech Vision Award
"Constructech magazine honored the 2009 Vision Award winners during a special ceremony at the fourth annual Technology Day conference, held this year at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare hotel. The Constructech Vision Awards honor companies that have realized the advantages of applying innovative technologies to their everyday businesses as well as the technology enablers that have helped them achieve their goal." The Innovaya's award comes from DPR Construction's intensive use of Innovaya's BIM-Estimating solution especially in supporting dynamic design-change processes for estimating. DPR Construction is a top 50 General Contractor in the country, and it is regarded as one of the most technologically innovative construction companies in the world.
October 06 - 09, 2008   Innovaya to Present at MC2 ICE Conference 2008
Innovaya's President Kevin Yu to present its innovative BIM construction software solutions at MC2 ICE Conference 2008. The 26th Annual ICE Conference to be held at the Memphis Marriott Downtown in Memphis will highlight major integration features offered by Innovaya 4D/5D BIM software solutions to support Autodesk Revit, MC2 ICE 2000, Primavera and MS Project.
June 25, 2008   Innovaya Customer Wins the 2008 Innovative Housing Technology Award by Using Innovaya BIM Estimating Software
TecHome Builder,the Builder's Guide To Technology unveils IHTA 2008 Winners. Veridian Homes, a major US Home Builder doing 500 homes per year wins the Integrated Excellence Award by using Innovaya's innovative 5D BIM estimating software Visual Estimating supporting Autodesk Revit and Sage Timberline Estimating - drafting and estimating responsibilities completed by one person.
June 24, 2008   Innovaya to Present BIM Solutions at Sage Timberline Higher Education Summit 2008
Innovaya will be presenting its latest BIM contruction solutionss at Sage Timberline Office 2008 Educators Summit conference, June 26, Beaverton, Oregon.
April 28, 2008   Hardin Construction Company's Success Story - Preconstruction at its Finest
Leading general contractor and construction manager Hardin Construction Company has reached a state of preconstruction at its finest by using cutting-edge Innovaya BIM construction technologies. The Company recently received a structural model of an 80-story concrete building and completed the entire structural estimate in less than 3 hours. "A manual takeoff of this project was completed in 4.5 days". Jason Waddell, Estimator with Hardin says, "It's remarkable how much Innovaya has sped up the estimating process for us, and its integration with Timberline Estimating is incomparable". Hardin Construction also uses Innovaya Visual 4D Simulation to effectively validate and optimize construction schedules with 4D technologies. Read full article>>
March 30, 2008 Innovaya Announces 5D BIM Estimating Solutions for MC2
Innovaya is pleased to announce new 5D BIM Estimating software supporting MC2 ICE. With Visual Estimating for MC2, Innovaya now supports BIM-based quantity takeoff and 5D-estimating for both MC2 and Sage Timberline customers, covering a significant portion of the market for major contractors, construction managers, and design-build firms in the United States. Along with other BIM construction solutions that Innovaya provides such as coordination, 4D scheduling and comprehensive BIM construction services, construction users now have no restrictions in advancing business and improving competitiveness using BIM technologies without having to switch to a different, non- familiar, and likely non-competitive estimating software.
February 15, 2008   Innovaya Announces Full Support for Autodesk 2009 BIM Products
A few days after Autodesk's release of 2009 products, Innovaya announces its full support for all Autodesk BIM software including AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD MEP, Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, and Revit Structure. The new Innovaya software also contains some major feature enhancements. In the past year, Innovaya has been working with Autodesk's Revit engineers as well as ADN Vanguard team to better support BIM construction features through Revit and Innovaya. As a result, these products are the best-ever BIM applications that both companies have to offer. Innovaya customers will receive the update of 2009 software from Innovaya support.
January 04, 2008   Innovaya BIM Construction Software Year 2008 Upgrade
We are pleased to announce a jor update for all Innovaya BIM software for year 2008. This upgrade contains numerous feature enhancements and bug fixes, most of which are based on the requests from many of Innovaya's customers. The new software is immediately available for current customers to download through Innovaya support FTP site.
October 15, 2007   Innovaya Officially Establishes China Branch
"The establishment of Innovaya China Branch is a major milestone for the company as it sets the foundation to offer long term competitive BIM services and solutions for all of our customers", said Kevin Yu, the Founder and President of Innovaya. "We have been using Chinese talents in the development of Innovaya software from day one, and it has been a critical factor for the success of the company today as it allows for the high-tech software to be developed by highly skilled professionals at relatively low costs. The new China branch will be providing services for the entire company in the area of research and development, professional BIM services, technical support, and developing the potential China's AEC market for Innovaya's leading-edge BIM software solutions. October 15, 2008, Beijing, China.
June 27, 2007   Premier Autodesk Solution Provider Hosts Virtual Construction with BIM Conference
Hosted by a leading Autodesk Solution Provider, CAD TEchnology Center, Autodesk and Innovaya to co-present BIM software technologies, streamling project management, construction administration and cost estimation, June 27th, 2007, Golden Valley, MN.
March 30, 2007   CMAA Technology Conference On VDC/BIM 2007
Autodesk invites Innovaya to co-present BIM software technologies at CMAA Technology Conference on Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) / Building Information Modeling (BIM), March 30, 2007, Garden Grove, CA.
Feburary 03-10, 2007   Innovaya Presents at International Builders Show 2007
In conjunction with Sage Timberline, Innovaya presents the most advanaced BIM-estimating solutions for home builders supporting Autodesk Revit and Timberline Estimating at the 63th International Builders Show 2007, Feburary 03-10, Orlando, Florida.
Feburary 02, 2007   The 2007 Estimating Academy Invites Innovaya's President to Discuss BIM Construction Technologies
The Builders Association and The American Society of Professional Estimators Heartland Chapter invite Innovaya's President Kevin Yu to speak at The 2007 Estimating Academy, presenting benefits of BIM and discussing processes, organizational issues, technologies, and software solutions for BIM-based digital construction, Feburary 02, 2007.
January 23-27, 2007   Innovaya Presents Cutting Edge BIM Technologies at World of Concrete 2007
In conjunction with Sage Timberline, Innovaya presents cutting edge BIM software technologies for virtual construction at World of Concrete (WOC) and Technologies for Construction, Januanry 23-27, Nevada, Las Vegas.
November 5, 2006   Design-Build Firm Presents Benefits of Using Innovaya's BIM Solutions
The Neenan Co, a design-build firm to co-resent BIM technologies with Innovaya and Timberline at Sage Summit 2006, November 5-8, Gaylord Opryland, Nashville, Tennessee.
October 20, 2006   Innovaya Announces Support for Autodesk Revit Systems
With Composer for Autodesk Revit Systems, Innovaya users can integrate complete project models developed in any Autodesk Revit family application with all Innovaya BIM programs for coordination, quantity takeoff, estimating, and 4D construction simulation.
September 01, 2006   Innovaya Announces Visual Simuation Release 2.0
Innovaya announces the 2nd release of its revolutionary 4D construction planning software Innovaya Visual Simulation. With the support for almost all 3D design and BIM applications, MS Project already in Release 1, the new release can import scheduling files generated by Primavera applications and any scheduling programs that export MPX file. Innovaya Visual Simulation provides the most powerful and sophisticated 4D simulation tools, yet it is extremely easy to use.
August 07, 2006   Cadalyst AEC: Ryan Companies Saves 50% to 80% of Overall Estimating Time
Cadalyst AEC. "We're very excited about the integration between Revit and Innovaya with this integration, our estimators are getting better numbers from the building model, and we can continue to use each program for its intended purpose: Revit for building design and Innovaya for construction estimating.", says Dick Bates, BIM Manager at Ryan Companies, a national commercial real estate firm, explains how Innovaya Visual Quantification helps his firm to automate and speed up the process of quantity takeoff, saving 50% to 80% of overall estimating time. Read article...
June 26, 2006   ENR Launches Virtual Construation Interoperability Initiative Featuring Innovaya Solutions
Engineering News-Record (ENR), The McGraw-Hill Companies, Virtual Construction Interoperability Initiative Launched - featuring a successful project story by a design-build firm The Neenan Co., using Innovaya BIM solutions.
June 19-22, 2006   Innovaya and Sage Software Presents at AACE Annual Conference
The Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineers (AACE) annual conference - Innovaya and Sage Software present BIM construction software solutions including Innovaya Visual Simulation (4D construction) and Innovaya Visual Estimating which integrates BIM with Timberline Estimating.
May 01, 2006 Founder and President of Innovaya , Kevin Yu, Explains BIM on Constructech
Constructech Magazine, Finding the Right Fit - Kevin Yu (Ph.D.), the Founder and President of Innovaya, explains how Innovaya Visual Estimating can help estimators to improve automate and streamline the quantity takeoff and estimating process using BIM technologies.
April 05, 2006 Sage Software Selects Innovaya as Partner for BIM Solutions
Press Release - Sage Software Advances BIM Technologies through Innovaya Partnership. The e-newsletter reports on Sage Software announcement that development partner Innovaya is offering a new Visual Estimating product that integrates with building information modeling with Sage Timberline Estimating.Read news
March 23, 2006 Building the Future - Extending the BIM to Construction
AECBytes founder Dr. Lachmi Khemlani discusses the detailed quantity takeoff and cost estimating features of Innovaya's Visual Estimating using BIM technology for construction. "Visual estimating is, as far as I know, the first tool that extends the use of a BIM model created during the design phase into construction...Visual Estimating is promising since it works with the estimators' current workflow and doesn't require them to learn to use a CAD or BIM application...", says Khemlani. Read article...
March 01, 2006 Innovaya Announces the Release of Visual Estimating
The first true BIM-based estimating solution to integrate Autodesk ADT/ABS and Revit with Sage Timberline Estimating. "Visual Estimating has hit one out of the park! For years I've wanted a software company to build a connector between 3D objects and our customer Timberline assemblies. Finally! Wow!", says Tom Sweeney at J. H. Findorff and Son Inc.
February 02, 2006 Innovaya to Present BIM Solutions at Sage Timberline Higher Education Summit
Innovaya is invited to present BIM Estimating solutions at Sage Timberline Office 2006 Educator Summit conference, May 20 - 23, Beaverton, Oregon.
January 25, 2006 Sage Software Selects Innovaya as Strategic Partner
Innovaya is pleased to be selected by Sage Software as a Strategic Partner. This partnership will entitle Innovaya to develop software based on Sage technologies. The strategic partnership is a foundation for Innovaya and Sage Software to further collabrate on developing new software solutions to better serve existing and new customers.
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