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Innovaya Consulting Services

Innovaya consulting services are aimed at helping you determine your IT strategies and then implement these strategies in your real-world projects. We also offer consulting and advice on using BIMs in your real-world projects. Our consultants have strong industrial and computer system backgrounds. They possess professional skills in applying software solutions in construction management practice including design-build integration. The benefits of our consulting services include:

- Reduced time in applying software solutions to your projects
- Reduced cost on implementation of long term IT systems for your business
- Fast and accurate project deliverables using BIM technologies
- Better presentation of your design and construction management proposals to clients
- Optimized use of the software on time sensitive projects
- Increased software skills for your project staff resulting in high productivity improvement on future projects

- Leading edge competitiveness of your firm in winning more projects and better serving the AEC industries

Our consultation is offered through both Web-based real-time communication technologies and personal hand-on services at your site. For more information about our consulting services, please contact Innovaya at




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