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Innovaya software products are designed with easy-of-use. For example, intuitiveness is one of our primary design guidelines. However, the nature of the problems that the products deal with can be very complicated and detailed. Some of the software functions require the knowledge and skill to interact and manipulate data with design, estimating, scheduling, and other applications that are not developed by Innovaya. Additionally, some new concepts introduced by the Innovaya software may require detailed explanation and thorough understanding through hand-on practice. Therefore, training classes may become essential for many users who want to take full advantage of the software in real world projects.

Our training programs provide the most formal and systematic means for you to learn Innovaya software applications. Furthermore, they are the best way for you to acquire a thorough knowledge about applications and how to apply them to your business. These programs offer a series of classes, conducted by our highly skilled consultants. The classes contain well documented tutorials which also serve as useful references for future use, after the training is complete. Throughout the training classes, you will learn, through the step-by-step procedures, both the basic and advanced functions supported by the software programs. These classes are also offered at different levels designed to suit the different needs and technical level of the students. For more information about Innovaya Training programs, please contact




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