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"Per Plans and Specs is soon to become per 'The Model'. This easy to use tool can help find & manage all of the elements/quantities and pricing too!"

David C. Hough
LeChase Construction

Innovaya Design Estimating
Designed for architects, engineers, owners, or anyone who has a need to create a ballpark estimate for a Revit project, Innovaya Design Estimating uses the well-known RS Means Assembly Database to produce cost estimates quickly, easily, and automatically
Innovaya Design Estimating is a powerful yet extremely easy-to-use cost estimating software tool to automatically generate an estimate for the entire project. The program integrates Autodesk Revit seamlessly with RS Means Assembly Database, and it uses Sage Timberline Estimating, the best estimating engine on the market, to calculate project costs instantly and accurately based on City Cost Index in North America, while providing powerful, flexible, and fully customizable estimating reporting capabilities.

Automatic Estimation for the Entire Building Model
With Innovaya Design Estimating, the RS Means assemblies are made 'aware of' Revit Categories and they 'understand' how to automatically assign object dimentional values to assembly variables. Thererfore, these assemblies can be automatically selected and taken-off into an estimate at run-time without user having to define detailed mappings between the objects and assemblies. The software is ready right out of the box to be used in producing a complete estimate for a Revit project.

Flexible Estimate Reporting
Innovaya Design Estimating along with Sage Timberline Estimating, offers various pre-defined costs reports based on common formats such as Uniformat, CSI, or even Revit object types. Cost Items or materials can be sorted by Revit project locations, design options, estimators, or any custom WBS code. Formats of the reports can be fully customized, saved as templates and be reused.

Intelligent Change Management
Design Estimating remembers which objects have been estimated. At any point, the user can easily identify which objects have been taken-off and which have not by viewing 3D objects in dedicated colors. Also, the estimate items are automatically associated with the objects after takeoff. If the design is changed, Design Estimating can display changed, new, and deleted objects using different colors. The total costs can be easily adjusted because affected estimate items are easily identified. Our ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-estimate’ theme assures the accuracy of estimates and makes estimating a fun job to do. You really know what has been estimated.

Embracing Timberline Estimating Technologies
The Timberline-based RS Means database can be opened and used directly in Design Estimating. There is no need for any special configuration in order to use Design Estimating's robust and automated assembly takeoff. Timberline estimates can be opened or created by Design Estimating. There are no intermediate data transformations required! This means, once object quantities have been taken off into estimate items from Design Estimating, they can be refined, changed, and reported from Timberline Estimating using the various powerful tools it provides. Additional cost items not associated with objects can be taken-off into the same estimate within Timberline.

Interactive 3D Visualization
With the robust true 3D engine, users of Design Estimating can enjoy the best performance of 3D building model navigation. Easy-to-use 3D user interface controls allow the user to do real-time walk-through and to examine object details. The 3D objects are highly interactive and selectable. Object visibility and transparency can be adjusted by building section or component type. All object properties can be examined. Special object information such as wall layers can also be inspected.

Support for Effective Team Communication
Design Estimating not only integrates design and cost estimating, it also offers essential functions to assist communication between the project members. With tools such as Markup and E-mailing, Design Estimating allows the user to enter highlighted comments directly onto a snapshot of the 3D design and send it as a picture, via e-mail, to project members. The powerful easy-to-use 3D navigation features are also useful for presenting design-estimating coordination issues in front of the project team.

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