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"When first using the software, one of their managers noticed a scheduling logic error by
watching the 4D project grow on the screen. Once they corrected the inaccuracy, the Team was confident that the schedule was accurate. This type of problem wouldn’t have been found without Innovaya,”

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Jason Waddell
Hardin Construction Company

"Do more than slide shows and turning layers on and off. Combining BIM and a Schedule is straight forward using Visual Simulation from Innovaya. A great communication tool!"

David C. Hough
LeChase Construction

Innovaya Visual 4D Simulation
Supporting MS Project, Primavera, and any 3D design program, Innovaya Visual 4D Simulation implements powerful and sophisticated 4D construction planning functions, helping the entire project team to establish a shared vision and coordinate work tasks.

Innovaya Visual Simulation associates Building Information Models (BIM) objects with scheduling activities, performing 4D construction planning and constructability analysis. It effectively improves project communication, coordination, and construction logistics planning. With its robust 3D engine and extremely easy-to-use interface, Visual 4D Simulation helps you build optimized task sequences resulting in project time savings and play what-if scenarios with traditional GANTT chart schedules.

Your Vision Shared
Visual 4D Simulation provides an excellent way to present a progressive project vision. By dynamically showing project phases and site logistics in a 3D virtual reality environment, clients are impressed and the entire project team works synergistically. Schedulers, project managers, superintendents, designers, engineers, estimators and even clients, can expect a shared understanding of project status, milestones, responsibilities, and construction plans. Everyone is sure to be on the same page at any time with the 4D representation of the project in conjunction with traditional schedule GANTT charts.

Improved Project Coordination
With Visual 4D Simulation's ability to link any 3D design data in DWG with either MS Project or Primavera scheduling tasks and to show projects in 4D, designers, builders and owners can easily see how projects are built. This helps everyone to understand the schedule quickly and thoroughly. By visualizing how objects in 3D and how they're installed in sequence, many design conflicts can be quickly identified. Team based decisions can be made quickly and comfortably with Visual Simulation by being able to see the results of seamlessly incorporated design or schedule changes, and this process would avoid many physical mock-ups. Showing and communicating 4D in resource color codes to subcontractors also help logistical planning and trade coordination, therefore avoiding disruptions during construction.

Optimized Construction Sequencing
By visualizing color-coded tasks or resources on objects, and their connections to objects, schedulers can cross-check tasks against design objects. For instance, an object liked with two tasks on the same day shown in a specific color might hint at a potential schedule problem, while an unlinked object could indicate a missing task in the schedule. These features help schedulers create accurate schedules. Similarly, showing that no tasks are assigned on a certain date on some objects may present potential readiness of a work space, which could allow subsequent tasks to start earlier, resulting in tighter construction sequencing and project time savings.

What-if Analysis and Change Management
A change on a task can cause ripple effect changes on other tasks. Visual 4D Simulation's On-demand 4D feature immediately visualizes the impact of these changes to the objects so that different construction scenarios can be analyzed, presented, and discussed allowing the best decision to be made based on different project member perspectives. Visual Simulation can also seamlessly synchronize changes made on either the schedule or on 4D tasks. Changes made to design objects also often cause schedule changes and resource re-assignments. Visual Simulation reflects these object and schedule changes in 3D and 4D which allows the project team to address issues and adjust construction plans accordingly.

Analyzing Constructability and Improved Safety
By showing the building model in 3D at any hierarchical or any system component level and presenting the detailed sequences of objects to be installed, Visual Simulation's 4D views clearly expose the objects' structural and special constraints. Construction safety can be improved by using 4D views. Hazards can be anticipated by visualizing and analyzing the constraints against object installation requirements and to see the entire construction site situations. The best construction methods can be selected based on a better understanding of these project constructability issues.

Powerful Functions Yet Easy to Use
With the robust 3D engine, users of Visual Simulation can enjoy the best 3D navigation performance. Easy-to-use 3D user interface controls provide capabilities of real-time walk-through and examination of object details. Objects linked with tasks can be viewed in 3D by clicking on the tasks, while tasks associated with objects are also listed when the objects are selected. 4D simulations can be created and viewed in different modes, either with objects original colors, or with task or resource color codes. 4D behaviors are automatically adjusted according to the construction type of the objects such as new objects, temporary facilities, e.g. trailers, temporary parking, and construction equipment, or existing objects to be removed such as ground excavation, and so on. The association between objects and tasks can be established easily, quickly, and visually.

Support for Effective Team Communication
Visual 4D Simulation not only integrates design and scheduling, but also offers essential functions to assist communication between the project members. With tools such as Markup and E-mailing, Visual Simulation allows the user to enter highlighted comments directly onto a snapshot of the 4D model and send it as a picture, via e-mail, to project members. For any date during the 4D construction simulation, a report of project status can be generated into MS Word including a snapshot of the 4D, a list of on-going tasks or resources on that day, and a list of tasks completed or not yet started by that day. The 4D simulation can play or rewind automatically.

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