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Innovaya Visual BIM
Supporting BIM technologies, Innovaya Visual BIM offers robust and intelligent 3D functions for visualization, communication, and project coordination.

Taking advantage of Building Information Models (BIM), Innovaya Visual BIM provides intuitive and interactive user interfaces that allow users to browse detailed object information in an Autodesk Revit®, AutoCAD Architecture/MEP, or Tekla® Structure model. Visual BIM's robust 3D virtual reality environment creates dynamic views for easy navigation of the building model. With various tools, Visual BIM can effectively improve communication and coordination between designers, builders, and clients.

Interactive 3D Visualization
With the robust 3D functions, users of Visual BIM can enjoy the best performance for 3D building model navigation. Easy-to-use 3D user interface controls enable the user to do real-time walk-through and to examine object details. The 3D objects are interactive and selectable. Features such as tracking camera positions dynamically and virtual tours are also useful for making highly impressive project presentations for clients.

Dynamic Visibility Controls for 3D Objects
A building information model (BIM) in 3D representation is essentially an enclosed structure. This makes it difficult to view the details of all of the objects in a model. However, Innovaya Visual BIM organizes the objects by their building sections as well as component types. Then the visibility and transparency of these objects can be adjusted easily using visibility controls. Therefore, object details can be examined thoroughly in 3D view. Visual BIM is a true BIM-based application. It not only presents detailed geometry of 3D objects, but also shows the detailed properties of every object.

Support for Effective Team Communication
Innovaya Visual BIM offers essential functions to assist communication among the project members. With tools such as Markup and E-mailing, Visual BIM users can enter comments directly onto a snapshot of the 3D design and send it via e-mail to project members. The powerful, easy-to-use 3D navigation features are also useful for presenting design-estimating coordination issues to the project team.

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